He is a fantastic Persian man. He loves me and cares a lot. What I do during the day is important to him. He wants to be a part of my life, that is why he keeps calling and texting me. We have amazing bedroom time. We are happy. Yes, we are really happy together. But wait a minute! Why he is not proposing to me yet?

This is more or less what happens in Iranian girls minds before they face the big desire. It is when they want that famous ring so badly. But the more important question to be asked is if Iranian girls should push their partner to it?

Have you ever asked yourself what you really want from your relationship? What is the most important thing in a relationship?

Let’s go a few steps back. Usually it is not easy to find a perfect match in today’s life. For Iranian girls in particular it might be harder as they are emotional people and live up to their standards which is a good thing. They go to different venues to find a perfect Persian man. They have searched everywhere from family and friends to an Iranian dating site. After dating a few people they find their candidate. It takes a while for both of them to know each other and make their relationship flourish as well. Now here they are, Iranian girls and their dream partner and a happy relationship.

What people usually forget is that the true concept of a relationship is being happy, supported and loved. When they receive it and everything is working perfectly well, is there any need to bring tension because of the ring? There is no easy answer to it. First you need to make sure that you are falling for the right guy (an amazing article from Eharmony that explains how). Second you need to know that extra pressure may damage the quality of your hard-earned relationship. Be careful, there have been cases that it has done more harm than good.
Iranian girls should push to get the Ring, True or False?
On the other hand it is everybody’s right to know where they are standing in a relationship, including Iranian girls. For this reason all Iranian women need to sit down and talk about their expectations and what they are looking for on the early days when they decide to start a relationship with a guy. What both partners want from a relationship and how they want to move on with their future partner is something that totally should be crystal clear.
What Iranian girls should consider is that everyone, including Persian men, love marriage and stability. When people do not go for marriage and stability, it is because they are not sure about their partner or even themselves. So if he has not proposed to you yet, there should have been some reasons behind it. Figuring it out and trying to solve them can go a long way.

With all that said, Iranian girls always can talk about it with their partner in an appropriate time and manner. In any case, it should not be pushy and so often, otherwise your partner would be overwhelmed. You are happy with the life you have with him so you do not want to damage it. But at the same time you need to be able to carry a healthy conversation about engagement without making it look demanding and pushy.

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