Sometime being single sucks. Friday night comes and you are alone, or you are invited to a party and you have no one to take with you, or it’s New Year’s Eve or so many other occasions and you have no date. After all, we all age and who doesn’t want to have a family and children? That is why Iranian singles jump on an Iranian dating site to get the best out of their lives by finding that special someone, but finding her may be the easiest part. Maintaining a happy and healthy relationship is the hardest part. So if you are about to join an Iranian dating site, you first need to read the following points.

What Iranian singles need to know before signing up with an Iranian dating site:

1. Practice replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

Attitude is everything. If you are a pessimist, now is the time to change your way of thinking.

2. Patience is a must on a dating website, as well as during the relationship that follows.

Patience is one of the key factors you find in every successful relationship. Life is full of ups and downs and getting through it takes a lot of patience.

3. Make every Iranian dating experience a learning point.

Learn your lessons while dating. Repeating the same mistakes over and over is what damages Iranian singles’ life the most.

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4. Notice and credit him.

Do not be ignorant. If he does something nice, notice it and be grateful for it.

5. Compliment him.

Everybody likes to know they are appreciated and respected. The best way to transfer this feeling is to give compliments. Always find something nice and genuine about him to compliment.

6. Today is all you have.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is far from now. All you have is this moment, so live it to the fullest and celebrate every moment of being with him.

Let us know if you have any more items to add to the above list and sign up with the largest Iranian dating site here to find that special someone.