An American man has dropped “a few thousand” on a giant billboard overlooking a busy Chicago expressway to advertise he is on the market!

Gordon is a successful entrepreneur who has worked and lived all over the globe but like many people has struggled to find the love his life he’s now taking that search to new heights high above the Stevenson Expressway in Chicago. That billboard pushes interested parties here to his personal website.

This gentleman’s efforts for finding his other half has been the highlight of so many different Medias lately in the U.S. He is a proud man and he has put himself out there hoping for the best results.

The question is how far are people willing to go to find the love of their life? Regardless of the amount people invest in finding their missing half, whether it’s spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to put themselves in the market on a huge billboard or pay a couple of bucks to use an online dating service, it shows the genuine need of finding the better half in every single person’s life. It also reveals hurdles in meeting new people in today’s modern life.

This piece of news reminds me of the very famous quote which says” The art of love is mainly the art of persistence”. So do not forget this quote if you are looking to date a Persian woman or a Persian man and be sure there is somebody out there who is waiting for someone exactly like you. It is worth looking.