In Iranian culture, parents have a strong bond with their children. That is why, long after Iranian girls are grown up and have left the house, they still maintain this emotional bond with their parents. Frequently, Iranian parents’ approval of key life decisions made by their daughters is very valuable. Among some Iranian girls, when it comes to the more important decisions in life such as choosing a partner, having their parents‘approval is a must. In many cases, although she has fallen in love with an Iranian man, she passes on the relationship because of her parents’negative opinion. During the past decade, though, this attitude is changing greatly. Nowadays, Iranian girls are more mentally independent and mostly make their key life decisions on their own.

Should Iranian girls let their parents into their romantic relationship?

If Iranian girls are closely tied to their family roots, they may not have had a chance to make their own decisions while in their adolescence. This lack of independence may then carry over into their adult life as well, whether the decisions relate to romance or other matters. Too much attachment to the family can hurt not only their romantic relationship with their Iranian partner, but also their entire life. If, in making every single decision in life, Iranian girls look back to their parents for approval, then they will not develop confidence in themselves. They cannot be self-sufficient and independent and this is what will hurt them in the long run.

Iranian girls and their parents

The attachment between Iranian girls and their families is very important and helpful, if it is constructed properly. Parents can be a good source of back up, support and consultation, but they should not be a part of the decision-making between an Iranian girl and her partner. Although Iranian parents want the best for their children, they should understand that they need to keep some distance in order to let this newly created relationship flourish and find its way on its own.

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