Everlasting Love

Having an everlasting true love cannot be replaced by anything in the life of Iranian singles. To love and be loved in return is the best feeling in the world. If people receive the love they deserve they will always feel happy, full of energy and ready to fight with life’s ups and downs.

Fear of Love

Ironically, sometimes after looking long and hard to find their better half, Iranian women find out they are afraid to freely fall in love. As once stated by Eharmony, “Love is beautiful and so important in life, yet very scary and daunting when you think of losing it”. What are the root causes of hesitation to go for something that you have been looking for all your life? Following are a few of the long list of probable reasons:

1- Previous experiences

We are what we are because of our previous experiences in life. Negative previous relationships are the main reason of Persian girls‘ hesitation to fall in love all over again. If you have an accident once, are you going to avoid driving for the rest of your life? Of course not. So Iranian women need to get over those bitter experiences of the past.

Persian girls might afraid of falling in love.
Persian girls need to overcome their fear of falling in love.

When a Persian girl falls in love, she gives everything she has to her Iranian man. It might be intimidating for Persian girls to give all their cards away. Sometimes they think if they have nothing new to offer, their partner will stop loving them. What needs to be noticed is that over time, it is not all about partners that strengthen their love and relationship. Things they achieve and the life that they build together adds to their love and make it bigger and brighter. These improvements in a relationship is what keeps the love alive.

2- Not to be loved as much

Persian girls are emotional beings and they expect to be loved as much as they love. What needs to be considered is that Persian men and women are totally different in nature. This difference though serves to the beauty of the relationship. Iranian women’s love usually grows a lot faster than men’s. But there is nothing to worry about. Persian girls need to allow some time to see their Persian men in love the way they want to.

3- It is hard to trust

It is often hard to trust a partner. It is totally natural. Trust takes time to develop. Mistrust can become a strong barrier in the way of your relationship and love nourishment. It does not mean that you should not take any precautions, but in its appropriate time you need to overcome this feeling for your own good.

Love or Fear?

Love and fear cannot live side by side. If Persian girls are holding on to fear, they are not letting their love to grow. Now it is all up to you. Which one do you choose? Love or fear? Do not forget to check out our Pinterest page and Persian girls’ board