Today I am going to talk about a common complaint among Iranian singles. We see this so called problem among Persian girls more often. Please feel free to share your ideas about this subject with me and share this article on social media if you find it helpful.

Persian Girls Old Story

All of us have heard this story more or less where Persian girls say “I have no luck in dating! I do not know why all these weird guys like me. Where are the guys I like to meet?” Some Persian girls think that it is their destiny to meet Persian men who are not their type. They keep trying to meet new people and it seems not to be working with the wrong guys showing up over and over.

What is the problem?

There might be a little bit of a twist to this story. What if I tell you there are specific factors that play an important role in attracting certain types of Persian men into your life. If you do not like these types of guys then you might need to make an adjustment. Here is a list of some of them:

1- Pay attention to what you wear.

It is a little bit tricky. Persian girls want to be sexy and there is no doubt about it. But there is a fine line between being sexy and misleading. If you are on the misleading zone chances are you find more people who are in to having fun and enjoying the moment. Now if you are thinking about marriage you have a slim chance to find the right guy there and vice versa.

2- Be Charming.

Do not be too serious. Be an approachable and sociable Iranian woman. Being too serious makes it hard for Persian men to approach you. Here again is a fine line between approachable and flirty. You want to stay on the safe side.


3- Be Confident.

Persian men love confident Persian girls who know themselves and their values. By being confident and loving yourself you will not sell yourself cheap. This way you will find the person who really deserves you.

4- Enjoy Your Life.

It is said “The quality of your relationship is the quality of your life.” Look at your own life. Do not wait for someone to come and bring all the joy to your life. Persian girls need to do what they love to do and add joy to their lives, whether they are alone or with their partner. On the other hand, by doing what you love you will be around people with the same interests. Now chances are higher to meet guys who have the same interests as you do. As soon as you start loving your single life, the right person steps in.

5- Become a Persian Man

Be honest and look at yourself from eyes of Persian men. What do you like about yourself and what do you dislike? Now start working on the things you dislike. Here you may find great articles in this regard.

What Persian girls usually ignore is…

 that the journey of finding that special someone is, in a way, the journey of finding yourself as well. If you are in your own skin and feel comfortable with what you are and happy with the life that you live, then the right guy will show up. But if you keep attracting the wrong people then you are doing something wrong. It might be a quick fix, so do not worry and keep educating yourself. As you are reading this article you might find “Dating Manual for Iranian Women, Part One” useful as well. Do not forget to let the author know how is he doing and how helpful is his articles.