Sometimes, Persian girls wonder if their partner is serious about them. They are looking for signs to prove to themselves that he is. They keep thinking about it. Sometimes they feel their Iranian man is in crazy in love with them and some other times they are not too sure about it. They wish there was a way to know if they are his desired type of girlfriend and if he is serious about their relationship.

Following is Persian girls’ checklist for discovering if their guy is thinking seriously about them:

1. Iranian man talks about their future together.
The fact of talking about their future (like going to places, achieving goals or even having kids) is a sign that Persian girls are part of their future.
2. Persian girls are introduced as “A friend of mine”.
In case they meet someone in the street and the Persian man introduces his partner as “A friend of mine” or just her name, it shows that he still is not sure about their future together.
3. On major celebrations (like Nowrooz or Christmas day) Persian girls are not with them.
It is another sign that Persian girls still do not play an important role in their lives.
4. He does not miss them.
If he goes on travel out of town or out for fun with his friends, he never misses his partner and does not even send a text message.

Persian girls are amazing beings.

5. He is indifferent about Persian girls’ personal life and issues.
Being curious about Persian girls’ personal issues and try to help or solve them is a gesture of being serious about the relationship.

6. Their Persian man is always busy.

Today’s lifestyle is crazy busy. But if the Persian man is always busy and never makes time for being with his Iranian girl, then it might be a red flag.

The above mentioned items are a few signs that can give Persian girls an overall idea whether or not their partner is serious enough about their relationship. Persian girls can always ask their partner for a little chit chat about their future. In fact, they deserve to know about it.
It is also recommended to look back and see if they are treating him good enough. If not, it is a good place to start and see if he becomes more serious about them. For hints about how an Iranian girl can treat her boyfriend better you can click here.
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