Persian dating sites are one of the most effective ways of finding and communicating with new dates. Regardless whether Persian girls are looking for a short term or long term relationship, Persian dating sites are the safest and fastest way to achieve their goal.

The importance of Persian girls’ dating profile photo

In some cases Iranian singles are not willing to post a photo on their online dating page. Due to their cultural backgrounds, some Persian girls still are not willing to be known publicly as a person who is looking for a date on a dating site. Some Iranians wrongfully think that a dating site is for people who are desperate and have no other choice, though this minority belief is changing rapidly. They may not realize that in 30%+ of marriages in the US, spouses first met online. The benefits of having a photo on Persian girls’ profiles are far greater than the downsides.

Importance of an appropriate photo selection in Persian girls’ dating

Having an appropriate profile photo can greatly improve Persian girls’ search. The very first message a profile photo sends to profile visitors is that the Persian girls are confident about themselves and their appearance. No matter their level of beauty or physical appearance, everybody should be proud of him/herself. If Persian girls do not have a profile photo, the very first message that Iranian men may wrongfully receive is that the girl may not be happy with her appearance. Apart from that, no matter how impressive Persian girls profile and its content, not having a photo tremendously reduces the chances of people contacting them. Nowadays people try to save time and so they are usually not willing to risk their time over a profile with no photo.

If Persian girls choose to upload a photo for their profile, it should follow some simple rules to create the greatest impact.

What Persian girls’ photos should not be like:

1. Not a group photo
2. Not a photo taken from a great distance
3. Not a photo with their back to the camera
4. Not a photo in a costume or some situation where they cannot be seen
5. Not a revealing photo
6. Not a fake photo of another person
7. Not a photo mainly of a scenery
8. Not a very old photo
9. Not a partial photo of their face or body

In the other words, the profile photo should show them clearly and distinctly in order for their visitors to have an idea whom they are going to date.
Tell us about your dating profile photo and your criteria in choosing one.