Facebook is a part of everyone’s life these days. It is so dominant in our lives that sometimes it can even ruin a Persian girl’s dating life. The relationship between a Persian girl and her partner in the virtual world and, in particular, on Facebook, is more important than ever nowadays. Many issues can arise and create a negative impact on their relationship and Iranian dating experience. Here are a few things Persian girls should not do in order to avoid trouble in their relationship.

Things Persian girls should avoid doing on Facebook:

1-Having a shared Facebook account

It might seem so romantic, but it is not going to work. Persian girls and their partners should enjoy their companionship while maintaining their own privacy. It will be confusing for their friends not knowing which one of the pair they are interacting with on Facebook.

2-Keeping relationship issues on-line

Every relationship comes with ups and downs. Making their dating issues public on Facebook is the worst thing Persian girls can do.

3-Adding their partner’s friends or family to their Facebook page

Adding his friends or family members as their friends is a very sensitive issue. It is very important that Persian girls do it at the right time. Doing this makes their relationship more public and they should make sure they are both ready for it.

4-Changing their relationship status

It is a good idea for Persian girls to change their Facebook status, but they should talk to their partners before doing so to make sure they are ready for it as well.

Persian girls and Facebook

5-Looking at photos of exes

Persian girls might never look back at the old photos of their own exes. But Facebook is a public place and other people might do so, including their partner and his friends and family. It is always a good idea to delete the photos of your exes.

6-Friending their exes

If Persian girls’ partners are not comfortable seeing their Persian girls’ exes having “friend” status, it is a good idea to unfriend them out of respect. After all, their current relationship is what matters the most.

7-Making Facebook full of secrets

Persian girls’ Facebook pages should not be a secret to their partners. Be honest with them and try not to hide things from them.

How is Facebook affecting your relationship? Let us know about the impact of Facebook on your relationship with your better half.