A Persian girl’s culture is different in many ways from the culture of a girl from a western country. Persian girls are more reserved about their personal lives and especially about their dating lives. Some of them prefer not to reveal that they are looking for a mate until they find their desired Iranian man. One of the reasons is that they want to look for that special someone without stress and pressure from their family members or friends. In the Iranian culture, families have a tendency to suggest candidates. As you might guess, family’s candidates usually are not what Persian girls are looking for. That is why they prefer to find their own dates.

Profile photo, pros and cons

Since Persian girls prefer to search for their desired mate quietly and privately, using a dating website is not a very natural and comfortable thing to do. The very first hurdle is the profile photo. When you upload your photo on an Iranian dating site, all users will have access to it and can check it out. This is something that many Persian girls do not like. They want their personal photos to stay private. On the other hand, having no photo on the profile reduces the number of visitors who look at that profile. Apart from the lower number of visitors, there is the other issue of wasted time and effort. The reason is physical attraction. Although physical attraction should not be the sole reason for choosing a partner, it plays an important role. If there is a connection between an Iranian man and a Persian girl whose profile had no photo, their relationship might be influenced by her appearance once he meets her in person. Two people on a date might connect emotionally, but not physically. But if both of them have a profile photo and approve of each other’s appearance, then chances for their relationship to come to a halt for this reason are very slim. Now that we see the importance of a profile photo, how do we reconcile its importance with the Persian girl’s desire for privacy?

This is why Persian girls love this feature

How Persian girls can protect their privacy on GoIranian

One of the key features of the GoIranian website is that it contains a password-protected photo album to protect the privacy of the users’ photos. Premier members on the website can easily upload their photos and then assign a password. If an Iranian man likes what he sees on Persian girls’ profile page, he will send a request for the password to the photo album. When the Persian girls see this request in their email, they can check the visitor’s profile in return. If they like his profile, they approve his request and the album password will be sent to the visitor. He receives the password and then can view the Persian girls’ photo album. Another great feature is that Persian girls can change their photo album passwords at any time, which helps to alleviate their privacy concerns.
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