One of the most important rules of successful dating is knowing exactly what you are stepping into, so that you can be prepared. If a Persian girl finds a man who is a dad and who appears to be a good potential partner, then there are a few points she should consider. Iranian men who are dads living with their children can be amazing partners. However, because Persian girls most probably have not been in a situation like this before, they need to think a little bit more about the pros and cons of a relationship with a dad.

How Persian girls should behave when dating a dad:

1. Be a good example

Kids always pay attention to the way grownups talk and act and role model them all the time. That is why Persian girls need to be good role models. The following suggestions can help:
• Do not drink around kids
• Do not smoke around kids
• Be polite around kids

2. Don’t expect to always be the center of attention

When dating a dad, remember that a huge part of this Iranian man’s life is his children. This is only natural and Persian girls need to accept the situation in advance. Having the expectation of being the sole center of his attention will damage their relationship in the future. Persian girls should not ignore the fact that a Persian man being invested in his children is a good sign. It shows he is into family and she may be a part of his family in the near future.

Tips for Persian girls who want to date a dad.

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 3. Finding your role in his family

No one can ever replace a child’s mom, so don’t even try. Instead, Persian girls should establish a spot in their date’s family as good company and a role model for his kids. Little by little they will find their place in the children’s hearts and lives and will begin bonding with them.

4. Be clear about whether you want to have your own children

If Persian girls want to have kids of their own, then they should discuss this important matter with their dating partner. Both individuals need to have a clear view of this matter and be agreed in order for the relationship to work well.

These suggestions are just four of many, but hopefully are a good start for Persian girls who are willing to date dads. There is a lot to learn on this topic. The more you study, the better prepared you will be for this special situation and the better your new family relationship will become.
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