Often Persian girls wonder about the quality of their relationship. It is an important and valid question to ask. They want to know if they are walking on the right track. Is this relationship what they have been looking for? Does it have the potential to be a happy and healthy one in the long run? They might feel confused if they have compromised some issues for the good of what is happening in the relationship. Sometimes these sacrifices and compromises go overboard and hurt the relationship in the end. That is why Persian girls may wonder about the quality level of their relationship.
Following is a list of questions they should ask in order to assess their relationship:

1. How strong is the Persian girls’ physical chemistry with their partner?

Nowadays everybody knows that physical chemistry is not the only key to a successful relationship, though it plays a very important role. Partners should approve of each other’s physical appearance and have a great and satisfying physical intimacy.

2. How good does the Persian girls’ partner make them feel about themselves?

One of the main reasons for going into a relationship is to feel good about your own merits while being complemented in those areas where you are lacking. If Persian girls’ partners focus on the girls’ negative points and disdain the girls’ integrity, then there is a problem. If Persian girls do not feel good enough when they are with their partners, this is an issue to be resolved.

Persian girls should be themselves when they are with their partner.

3. Do Persian girls feel comfortable being themselves when they are with him?

If Persian girls cannot be themselves, and have to act and behave in a particular way to have a happy relationship, then something might be wrong. Two people should enjoy their relationship and being with each other, while they are living their own lives individually. Pretending and trying to act differently to satisfy their partner is not the way to guarantee happiness in a relationship.

These are the first three important questions Persian girls should answer honestly when it comes to Iranian dating. They need to put feelings aside and think about them thoroughly. They might seem very unimportant to Persian girls right now, but in the long run they are vital areas of a relationship.
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