Financial issues are often the most troublesome areas in a relationship. Money plays a more important role if the partners are not in stable financial situations. For instance, when you are on a low, fixed budget, finances become harder to manage. Iranian singles naturally want to have fun and spend money with their partner, but sometimes their financial situation imposes strict limitations on spending.
In Iranian culture, Persian girls are not in charge of financials. Usually the Iranian men are responsible for expenditures in a relationship. However, in today’s modern world, this rule is changing little by little. Persian girls are participating more often in paying for the expenses of everyday living.
But how does this apply to dating or even going out on your first date?

Is it a wise move for a Persian girl to help pay the bill on the first date?

Should Persian girls help with the bills?

On the first date, Persian girls’ partner has very limited knowledge about them. If they ask to split the bill,  they might impress their Iranian date, because it shows their sense of understanding and willingness to participate in the cost of the relationship. Since the cost of dating is an area of concern for most Persian men who are on a fixed budget, knowing that the Persian girls are willing to help pay for the date would be a huge relief for these men. The other signal which Persian girls who offer to pay send to their dates is that they like to be independent. This implies that they believe in themselves, are self-sufficient and are not in a relationship for financial support. The fact that they are looking for the emotional side of a relationship rather than the financial side can be a game changer in their favor. However, it is important to realize that if Persian girls decide to share in the financial cost of the dating process, then they are setting up expectations for the future. Paying the bill on the first date might imply that the girl will continue to pay in the future. So Persian girls should think about the longer term implications of paying for a first date and decide if they want to set this precedent. This way they can avoid sending a misleading signal to their Iranian date.

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