Considering their background, Persian girls and boys are not usually comfortable talking about physical intimacy. This subject has never been discussed freely and scientifically among Persian communities. Consequently they might feel confused and uneducated around this subject. This matter might be even more uncomfortable for Persian girls to approach compared to their male peers. One of the first questions in this regard that comes to Iranian singles mind is,

How Persian girls and boys make sure it is the right time for physical intimacy.

Every single individual has a different character. That is why being “ready” can be different for every single Persian girls and boys. That is why sometimes it gets complicated and creates misunderstanding at the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Iranian singles check list

Here is a checklist to see if they are both ready:

  1. If one of them doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it, then possibly they are not ready for physical intimacy. This is more about Persian girls as they are shyer than Iranian men.
  2. Next rule is that both partners should feel comfortable doing it. The nature of a relationship is to make people happy and comfortable. If this part of the relationship makes one of them uncomfortable or unhappy, it means that it is not time and they need to work on it a little bit more. It is really important that Iranian men do not push Persian girls into it.
  3. As their first time might be embarrassing, intimidating or even irritating, they need to be able to carry a healthy and comfortable conversation in advance. They should talk openly about their concerns and feelings. Persian girls in particular should make sure this first time experience wouldn’t leave a scar in their heart.
  4. Both of them need to know where they are standing in their relationship. It prevents them from hurting their partner’s feeling after physical intimacy happens. The reason is that physical intimacy takes the relationship into a whole new level and both of them should make sure they are ready for it.
  5. They should have already decided on the type of protection they want to use. If they are not sure, then it is time to collect some information about it. Doing this together can improve the bonds in between them.


Following all of the above mentioned rules does not guarantee that they are totally ready for the physical intimacy. Especially for Persian girls it is something more internal and mental than physical. In case they have had their first time already, while they have not been ready for it, there is no need to worry. They just need to prepare themselves for the next time. Physical intimacy is one of the most important and complicated aspects of a relationship. Based on my researches, all of Persian girls and boys are advised to be very much considerate about physical intimacy as it can play an important role in their future relationship.