All of the Persian singles who are in a relationship are preparing themselves for celebrating the Valentine’s Day. This day is like an annual reminder for all of the beautiful feelings which two creatures have for each other. It makes them to sit down together, away from every day’s life and be grateful for having one another. It is the time to clean and shine those pure feelings one more time.

But have we ever thought about the origin of this day? In fact it has a quite beautiful story.

It was third century and Roman emperor, Claudius II. Was in power. He had ordered everybody to stop practicing Christianity and start worshiping twelve gods. He was very strict about this order and enforced it hardly.

In spite of this order there was a man called Valentinus who did not obey the emperor and kept practicing Christianity. That was why he was imprisoned. Even in prison Valentinus was into learning and a gaining knowledgeable. His guard at prison had a blind girl which he use to bring with him in order to take lessons from Valentinus. She was called Julia. Valentinus gave her history lessons about Rome. He also educated her about god and even arithmetic. That was why Julia became like a follower of Valentinus. She believed in him a lot and used to ask him to pray together. On one these prayers this girl surprisingly gained her eyes vision back. It just seemed like a miracle and surprised everybody.

Days passed and finally it was the day of carrying out Valentinus sentence, February 14th, 471px-St-valentine-baptizing-st-lucilla-jacopo-bassano270 A.D. On his last night he wrote a note to Julia and advised her to worship god. He signed this note, “From your valentine.” Next day he executed at a gate which is named Porta Valentini, just because of him. His body is buried in Church of Praxedes which is located in Rome.

From that time February 14th of each year is celebrated in appreciation of love all over the world. Valentine’s Day is the beautiful reminder of love for all of the Persian singles as well as the world’s people. On this day the whole world stops and couples renew their love and affection and celebrate being with each other.

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