Valentine’s Day, Happy or Sad?

Valentine day’s in one the corner and all of the couples are excited about it. Although it is supposed to be a very happy day but it is not for some. Yes, it is a good guess! Those Persian singles that have not found their better half might feel a little lonely while the love is in the air for couples. Those Persian singles who are looking and dating, Valentine’s Day might not be a good day to go on first date. But you might be wrong. Think about all the following reason which make the Valentine’s Day a super special one for the first date.

Reasons to date on Valentine’s Day

  1. Persian singles who are going on a first date do not need to worry about the Valentine’s Day gift and preparations. On the first date there is no expectations. Although taking a single flower stem would be a nice.
  2. First date subject and ice breaker line have always been an issue. But they have a very relevant and beautiful subject to talk about. Valentine’s Day and love!
  3. If it happens that they are good fit for each other, it would always be amazing to celebrate their anniversary on Valentine’s Day.
  4. Persian singles will not feel lonely or hopeless while Persian couples are celebrating their togetherness.
  5. On this day Persian singles and their date in particular are more focused and motivated to start a relationship because everybody is in the spirit of love.

Persian singles should not be shy about asking someone out for the first date on the Valentine’s Day. They can find creative ways to do that to spice it up too. Look at this post card idea by Eharmony. They can even make it more personal by hand making one.


One Last Word

Persian singles are the most romantic individuals in the world who deserve the true love. If they have found someone on an Iranian dating site or there is someone in family or friends who has caught their eyes, they need to remember that life is not going to wait for them. They should get on it and ask him or her out. Go out on the first date and try to enjoy this day to the fullest. Then they see everything falls in the place.

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