The fact of being in a relationship does not make you happy. It is the quality and feeling that you get from it which can lift your life and spirit. Following you will find some key points in determining if you are in the right relationship.

Right relationship for Persian Women

1- Is he the right fit for me?

One of the most common questions asked by Persian women is if this man is the right fit for me. It is not an easy question to answer and it might be better to ask them back what is the right fit? Right fit is a relative term. An Iranian man which might be a right fit in some Persian women’s points of view, might not be accepted by some other Persian women as a right fit. The first step is to write down the qualities you are looking for in an Iranian man on a piece of paper and then prioritize them. Now you have a clear reference point to evaluate your candidates.

2- Will you grow in this relationship?
A good relationship is the one that partners help each other to progress and grow. An ideal partner will see all the good in Persian women and motivates them to lift their life to the next level.
3- You are free.
In a healthy relationship both sides, including Persian women, feel free. There are no extra restrictions or limitations. Neither of partners feel like they are in prison, they have lost their freedom, or are trapped in that relationship.
4- You are loved.
Persian girls need to feel they are loved. They should not need to ask for attention or look for signs of love. They should feel the waves of love and passion all around them.

Persian women
The right relationship lifts everybody’s life including Persian women.

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5- Relationships take team work.
Life comes with lots of hardships. Persian women and their partner should be like a team. They need to help each other out. One person cannot take care of a family by himself. They need to work like a team and help each other out.
6- You are accepted
In a healthy relationship you are accepted the way you are. There is almost no Persian woman who is perfect. An Iranian man should be realistic. If he starts a relationship but expects perfection it would become really hard for both sides. Be with somebody who accepts you the way you are with all of the good and bad things.
7- Both of you should  exactly know what the road map is.
This is very important. Before Persian women enter into any kind of commitment they need to come up with the road map of their lives. What stage they are at and how they want to proceed with their relationship. Important decisions in life like having children, the number of them, etc. should be agreed by both sides. Both of them should have like-minded ideas about the most important issues of their relationship.

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Above mentioned points are what you need to pay attention to. If there are more points which you can add to the list, please share it with the author and readers and let us grow together. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us through