Persian women, who have done their search on an Iranian dating site and found a good candidate, should not take the first date for granted. They should be mentally and physically prepared for this important meeting. There are certain things which can make or break the first date. Persian women do not want to go home empty-handed or, even worse, emotionally hurt because of not being prepared. Here are a few easy steps which can help them to be fully prepared:

1. Persian women should dress appropriately

Being appropriately dressed is a must. They should wear something which shows their true character. They should not dress with the mentality to please their date, but wear what makes them feel good. Moderation is always suggested. Persian women should avoid clothes which are too revealing, but at the same time be proud of their physical beauty.

2. They should feel comfortable in their dress

Persian women need to focus on their date. If they have an uncomfortable dress or shoes on, they cannot give their full attention to their date. For example, they should stay away from high heels if they are not comfortable walking in them.

3. Persian women should dress according to the dating venue

Wearing a formal dress if the first date is a hike or going to a high end restaurant in a casual dress might be a deal breaker. If Persian women do not know where they are going for the first date, it is suggested to ask him and dress appropriately.

Persian women should be prepared for a first date!

4. They should have plans for a nice way out

There is always a chance that their date is not a good match for them. They should know in advance how to gracefully end the date early if they are not interested in him. In any case, they need to be respectful to their date.

5. Persian women should be ready for extreme situations

In case their date is an inappropriate person and embarrasses them in public, harasses them, judges them, etc., Persian women should have thought through in advance how they are going to react. Being prepared allows them to handle this type of unfortunate situation for their own safety and comfort.

6. Keep someone informed about their date.

For security reasons, Persian women should share their dating plan information (e.g., name of the date, where they are going, times of departure and return) with someone else (e.g., parents or a friend). After all, they do not know their date well enough yet and keeping on the safe side never hurts.

These are a few pointers which can help Persian women to have a safer and more effective first date. If they are looking for some clothing ideas for their first date, visiting our Pinterest page can help.

Sharing experiences from your first date will help other users of the website to have better dates. So do not forget to let us know how it went.