A prenuptial agreement or premarital agreement, commonly known as a prenup, is an agreement between Iranian women and their spouses before they marry. In this agreement, the content of which may vary widely, spouses decide the division of assets and properties in case of a divorce or break-up. It is simply a way of protecting and securing the assets of one of the spouses so that they are not taken away by their partner. There is an article on USA Today’s site called “Prenuptial Agreement: Unromantic, but Important” where you can read more about this topic.

Do Iranian women regard a prenup as an unromantic act of mistrust?

The beginning of a relationship is often the most romantic part of it, because this is when romantic Iranian women try to create everlasting memories and build the foundation of a joyful future along with their partner. It is during this time of beautiful feelings when a prenup is suggested and the Iranian woman’s partner asks her to sign a prenuptial agreement before they get married. How do Iranian women feel about this request? How will it impact them and the quality of their future relationship? The fact is that what happens after an Iranian man suggests signing a prenuptial agreement totally depends on the Iranian woman’s perception of it.

Perception #1:

The beginning of a relationship is when people offer as much as they can to the relationship to nourish it. They try to gain each other’s trust and become united with their significant other. It is usually believed that partners are ready to sacrifice their own good for the good of their relationship. Amidst the rush of all these amazing vibes, the idea of a prenup might shock Iranian women. Is it a sign of mistrust? If Iranian men cannot trust them, how can they trust them back? What happens if they put all their emotions, life and body into a relationship and then their partner just decides to walk away? Iranian women may consider a prenup to be a way to take their security away from them.

Prenup, yes or no?

Perception #2:

Iranian men have worked hard for many years, sacrificed their needs to make ends meet and now they have made a fortune. Maybe they have inherited the fruit of their fathers and grandfathers… what their entire family has been working hard to accumulate for many years. Is it right to risk it all with Iranian women whom they might have known for only a few months? Isn’t it better to keep their assets safe and secure until they are 100% sure the Iranian women will stay with them forever? In some cases, Iranian men think a prenup is a good solution considering that, in Iranian culture, they are obliged to pay alimony (Mehrieh) too. Another reason Iranian men may like the idea of a prenup is that some Iranian women are looking to marry just for money.

As you see, the whole subject of prenups is not something to be easily judged right or wrong. If you are in the shoes of Iranian women, it seems to be unromantic and a sign of mistrust. But what if we turn the table? Prenups have been the subject of much discussion and are a controversial subject which takes a lot of understanding from both sides.
In this article we assumed that it is the Iranian men who are willing to sign a prenuptial agreement and not Iranian women. However, it may very well be that some Iranian women are in a better financial standing at the time of marriage and thus may be the ones most interested in a prenuptual agreement to protect their assets. Here we are not suggesting which road to take. It is totally up to each individual couple to determine what works best for them. Either way, we are very interested to learn what you think about this subject, so please share your ideas with us.