The white wedding dress is a tradition so ingrained in our culture that it’s permanently here to stay. Some brides, however, choose to stray from this convention and speak to their individual style by donning black or multicolored gowns. One of the latest trends in unique wedding attire skips the dress part altogether. Known as a bridal jumpsuit, this less fussy cousin allows a woman to dance her heart out without having to navigate a giant skirt. There’s now a variation on it, and the look is definitely not for the demure bride; this wedding jumpsuit is so sheer that it’s barely there.

Created by Spanish bridal label Pronovias, this daring look was worn by actor Cristina Pedroche during New Year’s Eve. It features a full-length, long sleeve nude suit that clings to the skin so snugly that it looks like she’s wearing nothing at all. Along the garment, however, are strategically-sewn florals whose intricacies are awe-inspiring. In an Instagram post, Pronovias reveals that the design comprises more than 200 crystals embroidered into lace and Chantilly, and it took their team more than 244 hours to produce.

Wearing this type of bridal jumpsuit in front your soon-to-be spouse is one thing, but standing in front of all of your family and friends with a nearly nude outfit takes some real guts. While it’s hard to imagine this becoming a widely-worn trend, it will certainly make the wedding unforgettable.