Almost no Persian man wants to ruin his first date, especially if he has been looking on an Iranian dating site for awhile and now has found a person who seems to be the right fit. Here is a list of ways that a date with Persian women can be ruined very easily.

Behaviors which will not Impress Persian Women on a Date

1. Talking low about Persian women

You might not believe it, but sometimes dates bring up issues which undermine a Persian woman’s dignity or merits. If you have a low opinion about a Persian woman, it is better not to date her at all. If you decide to date her, then you need to be respectful to her.

2. Showing off money to Persian women

Being wealthy is a good thing and most of the time it is a big plus for Persian women. After all, money brings security to a relationship. If a couple does not have financial concerns, then they can focus more on building their relationship. However, showing off your wealth is a big turn off. It is something that Iranian men should definitely avoid, as their best friend might turn into their worst enemy very quickly.

3. Showing off the previous relationships

Persian women are not interested in your previous relationships. Showing off the number of girlfriends you have had or how much they wanted you are not the right ways to impress Persian women.

Make your date with Persian women as perfect as possible

4. Lying to Persian women to impress them

What is your intention on this date? If Persian men are looking for a long term relationship, then lying to impress their dates is the worst strategy they can choose. You cannot hide something forever and when the truth is revealed it will damage what you have built. Avoid lying about your interests, wants and needs in order to make the date work.

5. Being self-centered

Do not think just about yourself. This is not a time for you to give a lecture about yourself. As much as Persian women want to hear about you, they need time to talk about themselves as well. Try to create two-way communication between you, so that both of you have the chance to talk and express your feelings.

Sometimes in life we are not aware of our behaviors. We might have good intentions, but may not act accordingly. When we start dating we need to make sure our behavior is as good as our intentions. Reading different articles from different sources is a good way to give you an understanding of how things work when you are in a relationship.
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