Having a healthy relationship is the dream of everyone, including Persian women. In order to know if we have a healthy relationship, we first need to know its characteristics. That is why we have been elaborating during the past three articles on the 30 signs of a healthy relationship. Following, Persian women will find the next six characteristics of a good relationship.

What Persian women can expect from a healthy relationship:

19 – They support their partner’s relationships with others

Their partners’ relationships with others, like friends and family, are important to Persian women. Persian women respect these relationships and support their partners in keeping and improving them.

20 – They have fun together

When they are together, they truly have fun. The feeling is genuine and not out of obligation or to satisfy their partner.

21 – Persian women are aware of their partner’s flaws

They know about their partner’s flaws, but in spite of them they love him and help him to become a better person.

Persian women and the relationship they deserve

22 – Persian women are receptive

They are open to their partner’s suggestions and comments. They are not afraid of being influenced by him.

23 – They are happy with their physical intimacy

Their physical intimacy is enjoyable for both of them and it is not a duty.

24 – Remembering the first time they met is still exciting for them

Persian women and their partners still get excited when they review their memories of the very first times they met.

In the next article we will discuss the last six characteristics of healthy relationships. If you have not found your life partner yet and are looking in to it, you need to know that choosing a good dating site is the first step. If you need more information in this regard, read this article: “5 characteristics of a Good Iranian Dating Site”. It will give you a good idea about the type of website that is worth your time and money on your beautiful journey to find that special someone.
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