We are here at the third part of the series entitled “30 Signs of a Healthy Relationship for Persian Women”. Hopefully, you have already read the previous two parts in which we talked about twelve ways that Persian women can evaluate the quality of their relationship. If you are one of those Persian women who have seen your relationship lacking in a few areas, there is no need to worry. After completing this series, you will have an overall idea of the health of your relationship and you can then plan to repair those elements which are not as good as you wish. In this part we are going to have a look at an additional six ways for Persian women to ensure that their relationship is on the right track.

Signs of a healthy relationship for Persian women:

13- Persian women support their partners’ personal goals

The personal goal of their partner is as important as theirs. In a healthy relationship, Persian women give their partners enough personal time, support and motivation to achieve their personal goals.

14 – Financial security

Persian women trust their partners and believe that their partner will not endanger their combined financial security.

15 – Persian women are welcomed into their partners’ emotional worlds

Iranian men let their partners into their emotional worlds and share their concerns, thoughts and feelings with them.

Healthy relationship for Persian women

16 – Mutual appreciation

There is a mutual appreciation going on between them. Both of them appreciate their partners for being in their lives and for all the good things they do for each other.

17 – Persian women and their partner are on the same team

It is really important that they feel they are on the same team. Being one another’s rival and trying to prove one is better than the other will eventually damage their relationship.

18 – Persian women don’t turn away from talk about their partners’ favorite subject

Both of them are respectful about what interests the other. They do not avoid having conversations around subjects which only interest one of the pair.

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