Mason Park in Irvine California is the ideal location for gatherings and having outdoor fun. Come Join Other Fellow Iranians in your neighborhood. Mingle, network, meet someone special, play and have fun! All nationalities are welcome.

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Don’t forget to bring your volleyball, badminton, playing cards and Backgammon too. Dress comfortably and ready for physical activity if you wish.
There would be simple free food and beverage upon registration. Click here to register for the event free food and beverage.

This event is scheduled from 11 am to 4 pm on Sunday, January 4, 2015 , but you are more than welcome to stay longer if you wish.

If you have any questions, please send us a message.



A little More About Mason Park

The first phase of the Mason Park, forty-five acres, opened to public use in 1973. A 50-acre (200,000 m2) second phase was completed in 1978 that included a 9.2-acre (37,000 m2) lake which has proven to be a popular attraction.

Mason Park straddles Culver Drive and is thus split into two parts. The east side of the park is a wilderness area. It features scrub-covered ground, traversed by a bike trail and a small creek. As it is located on the northern edge of the San Joaquin Hills, the terrain is rugged: the south edge is a large palisade, marking the edge of the park. The west side of Mason Park is more like a typical park than the east side. Though a ring of wilderness surrounds this side, it is mostly flat grassland, with an occasional hill or rise. An artificial lake about 900 ft (270 m) wide and 800 ft (240 m) long in the center of the park is often home to migrating birds and other local wildlife.

The park is named for former Irvine Company President William R. Mason, who headed the company from 1966 until his death at 54 in 1973.

Its numerous trails eventually lead to Ridgeline, a street that connects Turtle Rock Loop to University Drive. The trails offer a different view of Irvine as well as a popular route for the cross-country runners of University High School as well as runners from other schools.