There comes a time in the dating experience of Iranian men and women when one of the partners becomes curious about the past relationships of his (her) better half. At first it might seem not to be an important issue, but past relationships and talking about them are tricky subjects which Persian singles need to handle very carefully.

Should Persian singles open up about their past dating life?

No matter whether a Persian woman or man is still dating or already in a relationship, there are certain subjects which can cause trouble. Talking about past dates and loves is one of them. At first, talking about past relationships might seem like fun. Some partners enjoy talking about it and even laughing at each other’s stories. However, if one of them decides to brag about his past, it can make his current partner a bit jealous.

According to Dating Advice Website, 64% of Americans won’t discuss past relationships on the first date.


On future dates, if one of the partners is very curious to know more about the other one’s past, the following tips can help singles to incur the least damage to their budding relationship.

1- Second-best

Persian singles have left their previous partners for a reason. That is why they should not talk about the previous lovers in a way that could make their current Iranian date feel she is second-best.

2- Physical intimacy

Partners, and especially Persian women, should avoid talking about their previous physical intimacy as much as possible. If they are badgered to do so and decide to reveal some information, they should try to be brief and not go into details.

 3- Comparison

Persian singles should avoid comparisons between their previous dates and their current partner. That is the worst thing they can do to their relationship.

 4- Feelings

Persian singles need to keep their feelings about their past relationships to themselves. Sharing them with their Iranian date does not do any good to their new relationship.

If Persian women and men who are dating think that sharing past secrets will be fun and they can get away with it easily, they are very wrong. The best approach is to leave the past behind and look at the bright future relationship ahead of them.

If you have had an experience about sharing your past with your partner, let us know how it impacted your relationship.