A good relationship is everyone’s dream, including Iranian women. Every single person in this world deserves to be in a good relationship, to love and to be loved back, but mistakes can happen. Iranian women might decide to step into a relationship which is not right for them. This can happen because they have been experiencing a lot of emotions at the time or they did not know exactly what they wanted or for some other reason. Actually, at this stage it does not matter what caused the current situation. What matters now is that they are not in the right spot in their personal lives, though admitting this and  stepping out of it are not easy. Two of the reasons (out of many) that cause this dilemma are as follows.

Why it is not easy for Iranian women to walk away from a failed relationship:

1- Some Iranian women are afraid of the future

Sometimes Iranian women are not sure if they can find anyone better than their current partners. What they ignore is that the purpose of everything in life should be to make themselves happy. If the relationship they have does not make them happy, then they need to change things. Once they have tried to improve the quality of their relationship and it has not worked, then they must recognize that they are not in the right spot and take steps to move forward.

The other mistake Iranian women sometimes make is tying their happiness to having a partner. While it is fantastic to have that special someone by your side, some Iranian women feel miserable and desperate without a partner. They cannot feel happy by themselves. This is something that needs to be addressed. In a healthy relationship, both partners  enjoy  their individual lives and then come together to share their happiness and multiply it.

Those Iranian women who think they cannot find another partner or are afraid of not being happy on their own should seriously consider changing these attitudes.

Iranian women fears

2- Some Iranian women feel guilty

Sometimes Iranian women are sure that their relationship is not right and they are ready to walk out, but they feel guilty about leaving the other person. They empathize with him and do not want to hurt him.

These women should keep in mind that, when a relationship forms, two adults are risking their emotions and feelings for something better. Both of them are well aware that this relationship might not work. In such a  situation, neither of them is responsible for the other one, if their attempt at creating something beautiful is not fruitful. Iranian women also need to remember that, if they are not happy, they cannot bring enough energy and emotion to the relationship and this will hurt their partner in the future even more.

Please share with us your experiences in this regard and if you have found these two tips helpful. If you have not started the search for your better half yet, try the most trusted dating site by Persian girls here.