Persian men are usually very business-oriented. Work and their business are a huge part of their lives. They try hard to make a good living for themselves, the person whom they are dating and their future family. This positive attribute will hopefully be recognized and appreciated by Persian women. But,

Is it a turn-off when Persian men talk about their work on a date?

In the normal process of an Iranian dating, a Persian man often finds a woman on a dating site. They meet each other and enjoy each other’s companionship. Everything is wonderful. In some cases, over the course of time, Persian men might talk fairly often about their work and the details of their business. After a while, this topic of conversation may become a primary complaint of their Persian dates.

Why do Persian men want to talk so much about their work?

It is natural that Persian men want to share the details of their lives with the Iranian girl they love, but they shouldn’t bore her with excessive focus on the work and business. They should ask themselves whether they would like to hear all day long about the details of their partner’s days (e.g. in the beauty salon where she works, taking care of the house or shopping). The point is not to avoid sharing information about their lives with their significant other, but there needs to be a limit. Usually the problem stems from the fact that Persian men sometimes cannot detach themselves from their daily work. When they leave their workplace they are still mentally involved with their work, such as looking for a solution to a problem or planning what they have to do the next day. That is why some of them look at their home as a second office.

Persian men and the role of work in their relationship.

Focusing too much on work can create two different scenarios. In the first one which we already discussed they keep talking about work. In the second scenario, they do not talk about their work at all, but are preoccupied internally still thinking about it. Although they are physically at home or with their partner, their minds are still working. This results in not paying enough attention to their partner and their personal life which becomes the root cause of many problems. Persian men need to realize that their brain needs some rest and detachment from their daily work lives. If they unplug and let their brain rest for a couple of hours, it will work more efficiently the next day. For the sake of their health and their relationship, Persian men should learn how to unplug their brains from work as soon as they leave the office.
Persian girls can share their ideas with us in this regard, especially what they think about the hardship of dating a workaholic man.