An Iranian girl who starts dating other Iranian singles should not forget she is doing this to bring out the best in her, not the worst. During their dating experience and any subsequent relationship, an Iranian girl should be cautious about her dignity. She should not, under any circumstances, let her partner look down on her. A relationship is a place to be happy, not upset and feeling lonely. An Iranian girl might not be able to control how her partner behaves, but she can guard her dignity and be respectful of herself. To do so, read the following items.

What an Iranian girl should avoid:

1. An Iranian girl should not dump her dreams.

The right partner supports her dreams and, if she ever gets desperate, he helps her to move on.

2. An Iranian girl should not let others hold her past against her present.

There is a bright future ahead of them. Sticking with the past does no good to their relationship.

3. An Iranian girl should not let her partner treat her like a second-best or back-up plan.

A relationship is where both partners feel appreciated and wanted.

4. She should not let him take advantage of her.

A relationship is a give-and-take partnership, not a one-way street from her to him.

What an Iranian girl should avoid in a relationship

5. An Iranian girl should not let him bully her.

Respect is an essential component of a healthy relationship.

6. An Iranian girl should avoid becoming negative because of his pessimism.

If he is a pessimist, she should turn the cards around. Pessimism can greatly damage a relationship.

7. She should not get into arguments very often.

If arguments are part of their daily life, then there is something wrong that needs attention.

8. Do not let him say she is not good enough.

A healthy relationship is where partners believe in each other and help their better half to grow.

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