An Iranian girl who is looking for a date and planning to form her future family, might face the fact that not everything might go the way she was hoping for. She tries different Iranian dating sites, meet with family’s and friends’ candidates, but it might seem like she is not able to find her future mate. At the same time our Iranian girl does not want to compromise with her standards. She knows herself very well. She knows what she deserves and she is looking for that special someone. In such case an Iranian girl should not be desperate or give up.

Why an Iranian girl should not give up on her dream

1. There are seven billion people in the world,

and all she needs is one. When an Iranian girl thinks about seven billion she might think that is too many which makes it hard to find the right person. But if she look at the bright side, it means a lot of options to choose from.

2. Nothing is permanent

Everything in life is temporary. Have you ever seen anything last forever? So if an Iranian girl is in pain, she should not be worried because it is going to end sooner or later. If she is happy, she should enjoy it to fullest.

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3. Complaining does not help

It does not matter how hard an Iranian girl complains. It is not going to help in anyways. It just bitters her life and moves people away from her.

4. Persistence is the best weapon

Persistence is the best weapon an Iranian girl might have. It is said “You are not a loser until you give up”. She should try harder and do not five up.

It is said the journey of finding the soul mate is worth it. But nobody has ever guaranteed it to be easy. Like every other thing in life it might be easier for some people and harder for the others. The most important thing for our Iranian girl is to do the right thing. The rest is out of her control.
Please let us know how you challenge hardships of your life and Iranian dating.