If you are an Iranian girl who is looking for a date, your answer to this question might be very simple – – something like, “Most men are looking for physical intimacy“. Actually, the truth is that Iranian men, just like their female peers, are looking for certain qualities in their dates and if they find the right person, they may fall in love even sooner than Iranian girls. However, to proceed to the next level, they first need to see those qualities in a candidate. The following list contains just a few of these qualities they seek.

Iranian men’s expectations of an ideal date

1. Iranian men like to be admired

Iranian men work very hard to provide their family or future family the best life possible. On this hard road, a little bit appreciation for what they have been doing for their family can create a huge amount of energy in their lives. After all, they are human beings and human beings like to be seen and appreciated.

2. Iranian men do not want to be controlled

Some Iranian women are used to controlling every move their partners make. These women need to be informed about the tiniest details of their partners’ lives. They do not let Iranian men hang out with their friends or family or follow their passions (for example, learning to play a musical instrument). Iranian girls need to set their partners free and avoid controlling them in order to let the relationship flourish.

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3. Iranian men like to be supported

Iranian men work hard to provide all they can for their partners. Although, culturally, it is believed that men should be in charge of everything in a relationship, a little bit of support from their Iranian girls can help strengthen their bonds. After all, they are human and like to be helped every now and then.

Here we mentioned three things which Iranian men are looking for in a partner. Please let us know if you have more items to add to this list.