Happy New Year!
Iranian New Year is here and everybody is busy with their plans for the two weeks holiday. No matter going on a trip or staying in their city to enjoy the relaxing environment, which usually is noticeable during the Norooz(Iranian New Year), everybody is excited. But at the same time there is a very good opportunity for Iranian girls to plan their new year dating strategy as well. In fact Norooz holiday is the best time for this purpose which Iranian singles usually take advantage of.
During the past year Iranian girls might have tried different strategies to find that special someone. Now it is a good time for them to come up with a new plan if the old ones have not been working well. One of the most parts of this plan is choosing a good Iranian dating site.

A good dating site can change the Iranian girls’ dating experience drastically.

GoIranian is the fastest growing Iranian dating site. Here we talk about the most important features of GoIranian . After that Iranian girls can surely make a better and more educated decision:
1- Design,
Modern design and effective pages which make exploring the site easy and fun for Iranian girls.
2- Bilingual,
While some of GoIranian competitors are in English and French (Which has no use for Iranians), Iranian girls can enjoy exploring the site either in Farsi or English.

Bilingual Website for Iranian girls

3- Social Media,
GoIranian is actively present on multiple social media channels. Iranian girls can stay in touch and take advantage of social media for the purpose of friend finding as well.
4- Protected Photos,
Iranian girls love this feature. They can easily set a password on their photo album. They can pass this password only to the people they find truth worthy. This is why Iranian girl’s personal photos are always safe and secure on GoIranian.
5- Effective On-line Chat
Although GoIranian is not a Persian chat room, but to serve its users better, a powerful chat feature is incorporated in the website.
6- Cost Effective,
Variety of plans for Iranian girls with different budget.

7- Educational material,

Its blog is like a small relationship and dating university where you can find invaluable information.

Every single one of these features can contribute a lot to the quality of your Persian dating experience. With all that said, choosing a good dating website now looks very easy.
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Please do not forget that we would be more than happy to assist you. If you face any problems in signing up and enjoying the website features. Just let us know and we will be there for you.