Recently I was talking to am Iranian girl about her relationship. The more she talked to me the more I understood that she is not in the right relationship. Even she admitted that she feels like she is in the wrong relationship. This Iranian girl made me do a little research in this regard and I came up with some interesting findings which follow.
Have you ever got caught in, or seen people who stay in, a relationship which is not right for them? Have you ever wondered why they stay there? Usually a person’s gut tells them repeatedly that they are not in the right relationship, though they insist on staying in it. What is the reason? Why do people stay in a relationship in which they are looked down upon, denied, humiliated or simply do not feel happy? In most cases, although they are not satisfied with the relationship, they are not willing to get out of it.

What are the reasons people stay in a wrong relationship?

The general reason for this problem is fear. This fear is usually created by insecurity. This insecurity might be psychological. They might feel they are not good enough, do not deserve love or will not be wanted by anyone else if they break up with their partner. In such cases they blame themselves for not being good enough. The fear of being alone for the rest of their lives makes them compromise and put up with this condition. Staying in such a relationship erodes their self-confidence over time which can itself become the origin of other issues.

If an Iranian girl is not sure about her relationship, she should seeks help.

Another reason for remaining in the wrong relationship is financial insecurities. If individuals feel that they cannot pay for their own expenses, they might simply stay in a bad relationship that supports their cost of living. They think that being provided for financially is more important than being loved. That is why they remain in their current situation instead of making a new life from scratch by themselves.
Another reason for remaining in the wrong relationship might be children and we will talk about them in another article.
If the reason someone stays in a bad relationship is solely because of insecurities or financial worries, they need to seek help and address the issue. No one deserves to live a life where they are denied or they are not happy and appreciated. With the right approach, financial or psychological issues can be addressed over time. It might take some time, but after they overcome it, they will taste the sweet taste of true love and independence.

Attention should be paid by every Iranian girl and man to the following points:

1. Different types of insecurity are not particular to Iranian girls. There are lots of Iranian men who struggle with the exact same issues.
2. An Iranian girl or Persian man should put extra effort at the beginning of their relationship to learning more about their partner. Disagreements and misunderstandings which naturally arise at the start of a relationship should not be mistaken for a wrong relationship. For example, an Iranian girl should not give up on her relationship as soon as she sees a few signs of hardship. Life has lots of ups and downs and one needs to be able to differentiate a wrong relationship from normal daily togetherness issues.
Knowing how to distinguish right from wrong relationships is a whole new field of study for an Iranian girl or Persian man. We have previously posted an article, “8 Signs of a Wrong Relationship for Persian Women”, which you might find useful.
Please share your experiences with wrong relationships and the ways you addressed the problem.