Persian women are very emotional people. This is a great trait when they are with the right person. The problem arises when they are in a relationship with the wrong person, because they might get caught in an emotional storm. In order to clarify whether a relationship is right or wrong for Persian women, we will discuss eight signs of being in a wrong relationship. It can be a very good measure for them to evaluate their relationships.

8 signs for Persian women that a relationship is wrong:

1. Potential Partners

If Persian women are staying with a person because of the potential they see in him, instead of what he really is, then they are in a wrong relationship.

2. Not being Yourself

If Persian women cannot be their true selves when they are with him, then it is time to give a second thought to this relationship. Relationships are a place for people to celebrate being who they are. If they need to pretend, then the relationship is not the right one.

3. Being in Denial

 If Persian women are constantly trying to justify or deny some facts about their relationship, then they are in the wrong one. They should feel comfortable and proud of their relationship and at peace with it.

Persian women should answer to these questions in a distraction-free environment

4. Pros and Cons

We suggest Persian women read one of our previous articles here “How can an Iranian Girl Decide if He is Mr. Right?” and do the exercise mentioned in that article. If cons outnumber pros, then it is not the right relationship for them.

So far we have discussed four out of the eight signs of a wrong relationship for Persian women. Please follow us next week for the second part and the next 4 signs. Meanwhile, stay connected with us on our Facebook page and let us know if you have any questions about the first 4 signs.